the week of halloween more like fireworks that keep you up all night

Can I have you?
Can I have your morning eyes
and late night yawns?

Can I have your deep sighs
after long days of work,
and joyous laughter
from watching your
favorite shows?

Can I have your frightening
holler when you’re angry,
and your low moans when
you feel pleasure?

Can I have the tears that
streak your face when
you’re down,
and the heart that beats
within you to keep you alive?

Can I have every part of you?

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             I’ve been resurrected. 

Live Moss Carpet is a soft grass carpet that thrives from the few drops of water you leave behind when stepping out of the shower or bath.

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The year is 2020, tumblr has tripled the amount of blogs registered. Every pun imaginable has been made, all photos of random things in rooms have been taken in HD format, all quotes have been said. There are no more recognizable url’s, even fahjtekysuleirdtyrzdsd and jiput4qwar8tgahwsf8g9bosdiv are taken. It is a dark time. The end is near.

the fuck do you mean we only have 7 years left

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listening to teachers gossip about each other is the best thing ever

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Today I explained to a guy what shipping is

In the beginning he was quiet but when I started to panic he smiled and said:”it’s really cute that people see love everywhere, even if it’s not officially there.”

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